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Applied Pathways® Announces Launch of Patient Self-Triage Solution

Curion® Go empowers people to perform symptom self-triage

Schaumburg, ILL, June 6, 2017 – Applied Pathways today announced the launch of Curion® Go, a symptom self-triage solution leveraging triage content from Mayo Clinic and powered by technology from Applied Pathways.

Curion® Go can help payers or providers that are trying to address any of these issues:

  • High costs from avoidable ER or urgent care visits
  • Members going out-of-network or patients going out-of-system for care
  • Sub-optimal patient experience and engagement
  • High costs and typically low return on investment of current triage solutions
  • Patient concerns about calling after hours but needing to know what to do right now

Curion® Go is a comprehensive solution that is leveraging symptom triage content from Mayo Clinic and powered by the Curion® Platform from Applied Pathways to publish that content, in the form of algorithms, into a web responsive application.

With Curion® Go, people can access health guidance for themselves or their family members 24 hours a day every day of the year. The solution steps an individual through a series of relevant triage questions based on the symptoms being experienced. At the end of the self-service triage encounter, the individual receives a recommended next step based on how the questions were answered. For example, “see a provider within 24 hours”.

The benefit of this structured approach is that it offers a standardized, highly-reproducible, transparent way to conduct symptom triage that ensures that people are directed to the right level of care, at the right place, at the right time for cost-effective treatment.

Curion® Go can be implemented into a payer’s or provider’s existing member/patient portal to enhance existing capabilities such as: geo-location to direct people to in-network providers or facilities, direction to a nurse line or a teleconsult, hand-off to schedule an appointment, or integration of the “triage encounter” into the Electronic Health Record.

“With the introduction of Curion® Go we are empowering payers and providers to give people the ability to manage their own symptom-triage whenever and wherever they need it – not just when their doctor’s office is open,” said Steve Lefar, Chief Executive Officer of Applied Pathways. He continued, “in our world of high deductible healthcare this solution will help to improve the patient experience and reduce the cost of care for all parties.”

Applied Pathways will be showcasing Curion® Go in Booth 1414 at the upcoming AHIP Institute & Expo in Austin from June 7-9.

About Applied Pathways:

Applied Pathways is focused on reducing the unwanted variance in healthcare that leads to unnecessary spending without positively impacting quality of care. Our visual authoring and rules-engine software simplifies the process of encoding and utilizing clinical knowledge and institutional best practices to deliver a standardized, repeatable system for making decisions.

Media Contact:

Stephanie Kowalski

Applied Pathways, LLC


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