We Exist To Reduce Unwanted Variance In Healthcare.

It Drives Up Cost With No Impact on Quality.


John Feldman founded Applied Pathways in 2010 to improve the quality of healthcare delivered in the U.S. He saw the need to transform the knowledge in books, PDFs, spreadsheets and people’s heads into an evidence-based, standardized, dynamic system that would be available to anyone to guide decision-making.

John believed the system needed to be:

  • Built and maintained by clinical experts instead of engineers
  • Easy to adapt as evidence and information change
  • Easy to publish into 3rd party applications

John shares the story behind why he founded Applied Pathways and how he believes the company will help the healthcare industry.

Experienced Leadership.

We are a passionate and experienced team of people who are dedicated to improving the quality and cost of healthcare. The work is serious, but we have a lot of fun, too.

John Feldman, Founder and Chairman at Applied Pathways

John Feldman

Founder and Chairman
Steve Lefar, Chief Executive Officer at Applied Pathways

Steve Lefar

Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Jim Woody Woodburn, Chief Medical Officer at Applied Pathways

Dr. Jim “Woody” Woodburn

Chief Medical Officer
John JD Delong, Executive Vice President Product Management and Strategy at Applied Pathways

John “JD” Delong

Executive Vice President Product Management and Strategy
Mike Previti, Chief Revenue Officer at Applied Pathways

Mike Previti

Chief Revenue Officer
Stephanie Kowalski, Chief Marketing Officer at Applied Pathways

Stephanie Kowalski

Chief Marketing Officer
Kurt Lingel, Executive Vice President of Technology at Applied Pathways

Kurt Lingel

Executive Vice President of Technology
Craig Leiden,  Vice President of Finance at Applied Pathways

Craig Leidlein

Vice President of Finance

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