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Applied Pathways announced some exciting news this morning: we are now a wholly-owned subsidiary of AIM Specialty Health, one of the leading specialty benefits management providers in the United States. And our authoring and rules engine technology, recently certified as a Clinical Decision Support Mechanism by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, has long been core to its offerings.

The Applied Pathways leadership team has been in this industry for a long time and we have been involved in literally dozens of company combinations. We want to share why we are excited about this one in particular.

First, healthcare is suffering from a knowledge problem (shout out to Dr. Atul Gwande of the Checklist Manifesto and his interview with Ezra Klein from September 2016). It’s not that we don’t know what to do, it’s that we don’t do it or aren’t aware of it.  I am not a clinician, so admit my own knowledge gap, but the research seems fairly compelling that we both over and under care for people. There are many reasons why but most relate to shortcomings in today’s systems and tools.

Second, costs are exploding with minimal, if any, impact on quality by any macro metric. This is driven by variance in decision-making or an over-reliance on gut and judgement versus what clinical evidence tells us is the best approach to take. We all know we can do better but we simply don’t know how. Many thought electronic health records were going to be the answer, but we now know they’re only a part of the solution.

Third, knowledge is changing so quickly, complexity continues to grow at an astonishing rate, and new tools like AI and deep learning come along promising to solve all of our problems. Who isn’t struggling to manage multiple EHR platform, seemingly infinite versions of medical policy, too few IT resources to keep back-end systems current, and a strong desire to use the latest cool thing?

Applied Pathways is helping many organizations solve this problem TODAY. It’s what drew our leadership team to Applied Pathways over the past 24 months: The ability to deliver evidence- based insight, appropriately and seamlessly into the workflow without the overhead of solutions that create alert fatigue and screen “whack a mole”. And it’s what will continue to drive us. It’s why we sought CDSM certification from CMS and it’s why we have been working with AIM behind the scenes as a client for more than 2 years to provide solutions with clinical and economic value. We want to help clinicians, payers, and other tech services companies make better, more appropriate decisions that help patients and the bottom line.

What does this have to do with AIM? Well, AIM Specialty Health, shares our vision for delivering clinical decision support into the workflow at the point of care. Coming together with them gives us with the single best opportunity to drive adoption of our Curion® platform and position our employees for long-term success. For our collective clients and prospects it means more meaningful solutions that deliver real, measurable value.

We’re already collaborating on an automated prior authorization solution that will allow doctors to get approval on orders at the point of care. It will ensure that patients get the care they need while saving time and money.

The future for healthcare and for Applied Pathways is brighter today than it was yesterday and we can’t wait to talk to you about it.

Steve Lefar, CEO of Applied Pathways       By Steve Lefar, CEO of Applied Pathways

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